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Why Online Bollywood Store?

Welcome you all to our bollywood store for most beautiful replica sarees,lehengas and suits  of your favorite stars . Bollywood means Hindi language cinema, Bollywood is the world's most prolific cinema factory, It produces 150 movies per year an average, Each movie aims to introduce new fashion or new trend or new style on fashion as well as fashion clothing industry.

                                                  "Style is the way to say who you are without having to speak"

Bollywood style is the unique and already proven and recognized style by the people. Without having to say that if you wear bollywood style dresses you can express your self well.For Women or girl it is natural to know the importance of looking good . Even though women have good hairstyle and right make up, it contributes lesser percentage than the good stylish dress contributes for her beauty .

It is quite obvious that style is the subject of discussions then it leads to paradise of all the greater styles, that is the one and only bollywwod. Bollywood and fashions are twins. if fashion dresses are designed by well known designers then it is believed that it will bring best beauty and grace in anyone.

These bollywood lehengas and bollywood sarees and anarkalis are designed for bollywood queens.  It was said thousand words are equivalent to one picture but in bollywood style sarees or lehengas thousand words are not enough to explain the beauty of women if she wears the right dress that fits her perfectly and matches her beauty. The bollywood sarees and lehengas collection created for the bollywood beauties by the designers makes appealing to all and create a attraction on all eyes. understands that bollywood sarees and lehengas and anarkalis contributes more to the fashion world as well our business. so we exclusively designed a dedicated bollywood store for our customers who wants to look thorough the varieties of bollywood items in our store. Even though we operate on other category of dressing items we felt the need to have separate store for the bollywood items.

What is available in Kollybollyethnics bollywood store?

Here we have three category of the bollywood items,

                                                      1. Bollywood Sarees  

                                                      2. Bollywood Lehengas  

                                                      3. Bollywood Anarkalis or suits.

Each category of the bollywood items have more varieties to choose and updated with latest collection, These collection are updated as an when there is new arrivals in the bollywood market. Prices are periodically revised to fall inline with the market prices. you can expect a good varieties with the reasonable price in our bollywood store that is exclusively operates on bollywood sarees and lehengas and anarkalis.

Not only in India, Bollywood has many fans across the world, The bollywood fans are spread across the counties Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, as well as countries with large Indo-Pakistani communities like United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Unites States, parts of East and Southern Africa. Bollywood is even popular in countries having lesser Indian origins like Japan, Germany and Russia.

Wherever the bollywood movies goes it establish the fashion trends in those places, as example Nepali women are more attracted with these bollywood sarees and Bangladeshi women are more attracted with bollywood Lehengas and Anarkalis, Our dedicated bollywood store is for all the women who loves the bollywood regardless of the countries they are.

                                                       " Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway"

Wake up the sleeping star in you  by shopping this bollywood items (saris, lehengas, salwar or anarkalis) online from our bollywood store 


Free Shipping (worldwide) : When people like to purchase in online store, They are puzzled around to understand the shipping cost involved. Also it is true since different carriers and different countries have their own rules and pricing adds complexities to the calculations of shipping price in any online store. But we at KollybollyEthnics cushioned these complexities and offer these

bollywood sarees and lehengas in our store to be shipped world wide and also offers free shipping to countries like United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), Bangladesh and Nepal.

No minimum order : Many online store offers free shipping with small star (*), The small star have big meaning in real world that these online store can only offer free shipping if your order is more than minimum amount they are expecting but we are not adding any conditional burden or force our customer to buy more items on our online store to get the free shipping.

                                                   We offer free shipping with no minimum order required !!

Custom Stitching :
Good material or dress becomes best attire if it is perfectly stitched for the women who wears, the good material or dress becomes worse if it is not stitched with the right fittings. All women expects their selected sarees or blouse or lehengas or suits to be perfectly stitched to match her fittings. Bollywood sarees and lehengas and anarkalis are not exceptional. When women buy these bollywood items online they like to get these items stitched to their measurements.

Many online store earlier offered custom stitching on these bollywood items are stepping back because of the complexities involved in stitching these bollywood items for the custom fittings, But we are at always offers custom stitching and have designer professionals to make these items to fit the custom sizes and having strict review/inspection process to make sure these items are stitched for the customer requirements.

Many online store operates on offering custom stitching and discounts on festival time to get more sales to process them on volume basis to make the profit margin high, but we are at kollybollyehtnics offers every day as festive day for our customer.

There are lot of fashion & style around the world make you feel how beautiful this world is, these bollywood sarees and salwars and lehengas perfectly stitched for you make you feel how beautiful you are in the world.