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My Account & My Orders

1.  What is My Account?

We've made it easy for you to view and update your account and orders any time through "My Account" after you sign in to your account. With "My Account" on KollyBollyEthnics you can ,

  • Manage/edit all your personal data like address, phone numbers, email ids.
  • Change your password. 
  • Track the status of your orders.
  • See your Wishlist.


2.  How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Once your payment has been successfully made, your order is processed immediately. KollyBollyEthnics will send a confirmation mail for your order, to the email address associated with your KollyBollyEthnics  account. In this mail you will be provided with a unique Order ID for your reference with our customer service team, a listing of the item/s you have ordered and an expected time of delivery. In case of Cash on delivery orders, you will receive a confirmation email from our KollyBollyEthnics.


3.  Is it possible to order a product that is 'Out of Stock'?

Unfortunately, we do not have these products available for sale currently.


4. Is it necessary to have a KollyBollyEthnics account to shop?

While it is not necessary to have a KollyBollyEthnics account to shop and purchase items, it is certainly recommended to have one. You can shop by providing just your email ID.
5.  Does KollyBollyEthnics deliver internationally?
KollyBollyEthnics  does deliver items internationally. You are more than welcome to make your purchases on our site from anywhere in the world. We use DHL, DTDC and FEDEX to deliver your shipments safely and timely to you.

 6.  How can I track the delivery of my order?

All KollyBollyEthnics items are delivered through reputed courier partners who will provide you with a Tracking ID for your order by which you can track your delivery on the respective websites of our courier partners. We email you the tracking number after we dispatch your order.

7.  How do I check the current status of my orders?

You can review the status and other information of all your orders, whether pending or fulfilled, that you have placed with To check the status of your pending orders, click on the “Sign In” link in the top right of any page on our store and Sign In to your account. This will take you to your Account page, where you can click on the “My Orders” link to view the status of all orders.  To view the status of a specific order, click on the “Order Number”. After your order is shipped out from our warehouse, we will send you a mail with the shipping details.

Gift cards

1. How do i  purchase KollyBollyEthnics Gift Card?
All you need to do to purchase a KollyBollyEthnics Gift Card is to enter the details of the recipient for whom you need to send the Gift Card and pay for it using your Credit Card/Debit Card/ Netbanking. The gift card will be sent instantly to the recipient and can be used by him to make purchases on
2. How do i add KollyBollyEthnics Gift Card?
  • Once you have received the Gift card email, please click on the 'Add Gift Card' button in the body of the email. You will be taken to the KollyBollyEthnics homepage where you will need to sign-up or login to your account. Once this is done, the Gift card value is instantly transferred to your KollyBollyEthnics wallet and can be redeemed at checkout.


  • You can also add a Gift Card to your account at my account section on Please go to the tab titled 'Gift Cards' and add a Gift Card. You will need enter the Gift Card Code (present in the email) in order to add your Gift Card.

Please note than is not responsible if your Gift Card is stolen or used without your knowledge or permission.


3.  How do i use KollyBollyEthnics Gift card?

 Once the Gift Card value is added to your KollyBollyEthnics wallet, you can use it to make purchases on If the value of the order exceeds your Gift Card value in your wallet, you can pay the balance using any mode of payment including Cash on Delivery.


4.  How are Gifft Cards delivered?

 Gift Cards are delivered by email directly to the recipient. A copy of the Gift Card is also sent to the sender. Alternatively, you can take a printout of the Gift Card and give it directly to your recipient.


5.  What happens if i cannot find the mail that contained GiftCard ?

If you have not received the Gift Card, please contact your sender and ask him to resend the Gift Card. The sender can resend the Gift Card email from his My account section on the website. If this does not work as well, please ask him for the Gift Code and add it through your My account section on website. In case you are still facing problems, please contact our customer care. Please note that once the Gift Card has been resent, the latest email must be used to add the Gift Card to your account.


6.  Do KollyBollyEthnics Gift Card expire?

Yes. KollyBollyEthnics Gift Cards expire 1 year from the date of issue


7.  How do i cancel a Gift Card?

You can cancel a Gift Card if it has not been added or used by your recipient. If you are a sender and would like to cancel a Gift Card, please add the Gift Card to your account. The amount is transferred to your wallet and can be used to purchase another Gift Card or products on KollyBollyEthnics. We do not allow refunds of Gift Cards.


8.  What payment methods are available for Gift Cards?

You can purchase Gift Cards on using your Debit Card/ Credit Card


How do i use my coupons?

You can use your coupon by selecting the coupon from the list on the cart page or you can enter the coupon code directly at the cart page before you place an order. The complete list of your unused and valid coupons is available under the 'My Coupons' header in your 'My Account' section.


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