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Why Bollywood Sarees?

Saree is the most adorable traditional wear in Indian sub continent. Also popular in all south Asian countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Singapore and Malaysia. Next to India, Nepali women are more attracted towards the saree. There are lot of traditional festivals in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka focus on this traditional dress, as an example there are lot of saree designs are coming out of market during Nepali festivals teej and dashain and Indian and Sri Lankan festivals Diwali and dussehra.

There is a saying  "Nothing makes a women look more beautiful like a Indian sari does". Saree becomes the outfit that shows a women beautiful as well as traditional. Style and fashions are unique attributes of the beauty. Style, fashion, women India all the four words leads to the prolific Indian cinema bollywood.

Bollywood heroes and heroins plays vital role in Indian personalities of men and women, especially Indian women follows the bollywood fashion and trends, They like to wear the same sarees of their dream bollywood heroin wears in onscreen.

The actress vidya balan, sri devi and Madhuri dixit and aishwarya rai wears the sarees in onscreen and off screen. Also during fashion parades and fashion festivals, new style and designs are introduced with these bollywood actress.

There are more than 80 different ways of wearing a saree, In ancient India, the different styles of wearing sarees are closely coupled with the place of the women, Later bollywood cinemas reach the nook and corner of India, The different ways of wearing saree becomes style of every Indian women.

Bollywood cinema acts as a powerful media to spread the styles and trends in India. As an example aishwarya rai enthiran (robot) movie red color saree and Chennai express deepika padukone sarees are more popular and added new style and look to the saree markets.Not only in Bollywood movies these Bollywood celebrities promotes the new varieties of sarees and styles when they appear off screen functions like film festival and inauguration functions. As an example Aishwarya rai kalyan jewelry opening saree is popular and created new trends in the saree market.

These bollywood sarees designed for these celebrities may not be affordable for other people, keeping that in mind these bollywood style sarees are designed that exactly looks same and also affordable for average Indian women.The bollywood sarees offered at kollybollyethnics are replica sarees that is affordable and have the same design of those bollywood sarees.

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