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KollyBollyEthnics Silks Saree store is an exclusive online shopping store to buy varieties of silk sarees at one place. Our collections include various designs and different type of Silk sarees.

Why Silk Sarees

When Sarees are traditional ladies outfit in India Silk sarees are most traditional outfit in India.  Silk Sarees are not the daily wear, Silk sarees are best suitable to wear for functions and parties. 

Especially South Indian Weddings/Marriages these Pattu Saris (Silk Sarees) are playing vital role in all rituals and procedures. Each Indian marriages inherits or follow their family or society cultures, Buying these silk sarees is one the traditional culture in south Indian weddings.

When wedding bell rings in a family the next thing comes to people mind is, where to buy the traditional dress for the family. Now all the types of sarees are online, people can buy the Silk sarees online for their family weddings from our Silk saree store KollyBollyEthnics.

Silk sarees are mostly worn on authentic functions. Silk sarees are not suitable for Party but best suit for family authentic functions. Silk sarees have its own color combinations which gives greater look in very authentic and elegant way to the bride. Most of the south Indian family allocates good portion of their marriage budget to buy silk sarees of all the family members.

Earlier Silk sarees shows the authentic look of the bride but when traditional things are celebrated in modern way Silk sarees are also transformed. There are many designer sarees are available to suit the modern day bride. Embroidery and crystals are used to make these Silk sarees, those are adorned to make it more exquisite. The latest trends include embossing images of gods and goddesses and ancient paintings in the pallu of the silk saree

Shipping Countries

Even though Silk sarees are originated in India, It is used everywhere in the world where Indian Roots are.  The beauty about all Indian people is even though they are separated from India by oceans and mountains, they never separated from their traditional anywhere and everywhere.  The Indian marriages or wedding will follow the same procedure regardless of the place. Regardless of Trichy or Newyork all Indian weddings follow the same traditional in procedural way.  That is where the worldwide need of the Silk Sarees comes into picture, we ship worldwide, especially ship silk sarees to

USA : Newyork,New Jersey,Chicago,Washington,Los Angeles,San Francisco,Dallas,Texas,Houston,Philadelphia,Atlanta,Boston. Canada-Toronto,Vancouver,Edmonton,Winnipeg.  UK : London

South Africa : Capetown,Durban. Norway,Denmark,

Australia : Melbourne,Sydney,Perth.Fiji : Suva, Nadi, cure pipe, Lautoka

Mauritius : Port Louis

We offer FREE shipping or flat shipping to the above counties with no minimum order requirements. 

Why KollyBollyEthnics

Free Shipping (worldwide) : When people like to purchase in online store, They are puzzled around to understand the shipping cost involved. Also it is true since different carriers and different countries have their own rules and pricing adds complexities to the calculations of shipping price in any online store. But we at KollybollyEthnics cushioned these complexities and offer these

Silk Sarees in our store to be shipped world wide and also offers free shipping to countries like United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), Bangladesh and Nepal.

No minimum order : Many online store offers free shipping with small star (*), The small star have big meaning in real world that these online store can only offer free shipping if your order is more than minimum amount they are expecting but we are not adding any conditional burden or force our customer to buy more items on our online store to get the free shipping.

                                                                                      We offer free shipping with no minimum order required !!


                                                                                                  Happy Shopping !!    Happy Wedding !!