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What is Saree: Saree is a simple rectangle cloth having five to nine yards (4.5 meters to 8 meters) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth. The saree is usually worn over a petticoat along with a fitted upper garment commonly called a blouse. The word 'saree' evolved from the Prakrit word 'sattika', which dates back to the Indus valley civilization (2800-1800 BC) in the sind and Punjab regions. The earliest depiction of a saree in the Indian subcontinent is the statue of an Indus Valley priest, wearing a drape. The sari even finds a mention in ancient Tamil literature, such as in the play silappadhikaram and banabhatta's kadambari. 

Saree is one of the oldest women's wear. Since it has been mentioned in the oldest civilization (Indus Valley) and referred to in the oldest language (Tamil). We would say it is one of the ancient inventions in India. 

Bared Midriff believes: As we all know saree covers the entire part of the body but it does not cover the midriff portion. Do you think why it is? if you think it is to just to show up beauty or fashion then you are wrong. Sarees bared the midriff part of the body because of some beliefs and a reason behind it. As per the ancient Indian beliefs and based on the Natya Shastra (an ancient Indian art describing dance with its costumes), the navel of the supreme being is considered to be the source of life and creativity, hence the midriff is to be left bare by the saree. 

National Costume: Normally Counties can have a national animal, national flower, and national game too, but the saree is qualified as national attire for countries like India and Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Sarees in United States: During 1970 the Indian traditional sarees made an impact in the United States. The first sarees store opened in united states is "Royal Saree House" in New York by Eugene Novack. The saree store mainly targeted Indian women who were in New York area. Later many American businesswomen and housewives in New York area in united states were attracted by the traditional Indian saree and became customers. When culture mixed up new idea was born as the united states people want their sarees to resemble the full gown of the western world. It was said Minnesota-based Northwest Airlines considered issuing sarees to flight attendants working the Minneapolis-Amsterdam-Delhi route that began in the 1990s.

Since Indian Transitional sarees become popular in united states, it also slowly become popular in other countries like Canada and Australia, and  United Kingdom.

The sarees have gained their ground in international popularity because of the growth of Indian fashion trends across the globe. Many Bollywood celebrities have taken this attire to the top of all attires which shows the woman as most beautiful. As many Bollywood celebrities contributed as much to taking the saree as a representation of Indian culture, the two celebrities Aishwarya Rai and Deepika Padukone contributed much more to that. 

Aishwarya rai wore a saree at international events representing the Indian culture and Deepika Padukone wanted to represent India at an international event, wearing the national costume(saree). Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone represented India at an international event, by wearing a saree. On her maiden red carpet appearance at the Cannes International Film Festival, she stepped out in Rohit Bal sarees on the red carpet. It not only attracted many eyes but marked an icon on Indian traditional wear (saree) on the International map.

What is Designer Saree?  Designer sarees are sarees which has some artwork on it with attractive colors.  The artwork involves stonework and mirrorwork and has a colorful border. 

The saree design has its own color science mixed with the artwork. There is a lot of creativity involved in designing the pattern work. The simple formula differentiates the saree from the designer saree

               Designer saree = Saree + stone/mirror/kundon/zardosi work + embroidery + Color science

Even though the equation looks straightforward forward it misses the important ingredient that is creativity.

Blouse Designs: It is said that a blouse can make or break a saree. A right blouse can alleviate your look whereas a mismatched blouse can spell a disaster for your entire outfit

How to wear/Drape saree? There are many ways to wear a saree, One saree can be draped in various ways that show the women looks differently, for example, if you are short, a draping pattern makes you show up like a tall girl, if you are lean and wants to show up little bigger than your appearance then saree draping can do. Every woman has to choose the right saree draping pattern that suits for her to show up here in an elegant and most beautiful way.  There are more than 80 ways of wearing a saree. There are a lot of books and materials available on the internet with pictures to learn about the draping styles.

Why designer Saree? Designer sarees are a wonderful outfit that shows up women in modern and also in a traditional way. If you are a traditional woman and want to dress up modern and trendy way designer sarees are the only options. 

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Designer Sarees Details and Fabric Information: We try to place as much information about the saree as possible on each product description but in case if you need more info then we are ready to help you at any time, you can either email or chat with us. 

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